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rock, paraguay, heavy metal

Similar artists:  Black Manzana, Pro-Rock Ensamble, Metal Urbano
Power metal, symphonic power metal, heavy metal

Similar artists:  Celesty, Fairyland, Dark Moor
doom metal, Gothic Metal, Gothic Doom Metal

Similar artists:  Mourning Lenore, Insaniae, (Echo)
black metal, psychedelic black metal, progressive black metal

Similar artists:  Negură Bunget, Fen, Thy Catafalque
death metal, black metal, Melodic Death Metal

Similar artists:  Slechtvalk, Antestor, Immortal Souls
doom metal, Gothic Metal, stoner metal

Similar artists:  Type O Negative, Seventh Void, Woods of Ypres
alternative rock, Progressive rock, rock

Similar artists:  Puscifer, Tool, ASHES dIVIDE
heavy metal, Power metal, Female fronted metal

Similar artists:  Mindmaze, Helion Prime, Kobra and the Lotus
Post-Metal, Sludge, doom metal

Similar artists:  Dirge, Minsk, Neurosis
black metal, seen live, metal

Similar artists:  Immortal, I, Satyricon
Post-Metal, Sludge, hardcore

Similar artists:  Alaskan, Yanos, Sundowning
black metal, melodic black metal, Melodic Death Metal

Similar artists:  The Black Dahlia Murder, Naglfar, Carach Angren
Melodic Death Metal, death metal, swedish

Similar artists:  Eucharist, Gardenian, A Canorous Quintet
death metal, Brutal Death Metal, Technical Death Metal

Similar artists:  Cerebral Bore, Origin, Hour of Penance
metalcore, thrash metal, Melodic Death Metal

Similar artists:  Acerose, The Ascent, Hell Within
Gothic Rock, italian, Female fronted metal

Similar artists:  The LoveCrave, Dama, Red Sun Revival
Progressive metal, progressive thrash metal, thrash metal

Similar artists:  Liquorworks, Cautiva, Nerve End
doom metal, black metal, swedish

Similar artists:  Livsnekad, So Much for Nothing, Dystopia Nå!
heavy metal, hard rock, metal

Similar artists:  U.D.O., Saxon, Running Wild
Love Metal, Gothic Rock, Gothic Metal

Similar artists:  Icon & the Black Roses, Diminished 7, Embellish
thrash metal, heavy metal, metal

Similar artists:  Mantic Ritual, Diamond Plate, Early Man
folk metal, Progressive metal, oriental metal

Similar artists:  Sand Aura, Yossi Sassi, Bak
thrash metal, heavy metal, Portugal

Similar artists:  Prayers of Sanity, Revolution Within, Switchtense
Progressive metal, progressive power metal, Power metal

Similar artists:  Status Minor, Illusion Suite, Edgend
atmospheric black metal, black metal, Cascadian Black Metal

Similar artists:  Alda, Skagos, Ash Borer
Nu Metal, rock, alternative rock

Similar artists:  Taproot, Spineshank, Ill Niño
doom metal, russian, Death Doom Metal

Similar artists:  Doomed, Chalice Of Doom, Embrace of Silence
death metal, Melodic Death Metal, black metal

Similar artists:  Cryptodira, sanzu, Grorr
folk metal, pagan metal, viking metal

Similar artists:  Wolfchant, SuidAkrA, Black Messiah
heavy metal, hard rock, metal

Similar artists:  The Winery Dogs, Jorn, James LaBrie
speed metal, heavy metal, thrash metal

Similar artists:  Sortilège, Cloven Hoof, Intruder
deathcore, Technical Deathcore, Technical Death Metal

Similar artists:  Shores of Elysium, The Raven Autarchy, Dissonance in Design
black metal, melodic black metal, female vocal

Similar artists:  Qharinth, Bloody Tyrant, Cryptik Howling
black metal, seen live, death metal

Similar artists:  Sulphur, Crest of Darkness, The 3rd Attempt
Female fronted metal, metal, instrumental

Similar artists:  snatched cord, Enterion, Valtari
death metal, Melodic Death Metal, oriental metal

Similar artists:  Ex Deo, Mors Principium Est, Arkan
funeral doom metal, doom metal, funeral doom

Similar artists:  Krief de Soli, Anlipnes, Lethargy of Death
Melodic Death Metal, folk metal, viking metal

Similar artists:  Duskmourn, Lör, Valhalore
Gothic Metal, melodic metal, Female fronted metal

Similar artists:  Bare Infinity, End of the Dream, Pythia
Power metal, death metal, Gothic Metal

Similar artists:  Sound Storm, Sanctorium, Adrana
thrash metal, seen live, Progressive rock

Similar artists:  Abandoned, Hyades, Battalion
Gothic Metal, symphonic metal, Female fronted metal

Similar artists:  ReVamp, Epica, Xandria
metalcore, deathcore, Progressive Metalcore

Similar artists:  Veil of Maya, Within the Ruins, Born of Osiris
doom metal, folk metal, black metal

Similar artists:  Empyrium, Summoning, Wolves in the Throne Room
black metal, melodic black metal, Symphonic Black Metal

Similar artists:  Graveworm, Stormlord, Catamenia
Power metal, Progressive metal, brazilian

Similar artists:  Noturnall, Tierramystica, Armahda
doom metal, Gothic Doom Metal, Gothic Metal

Similar artists:  Eria D'Or, Cryptal Darkness, Morphia
Power metal, heavy metal, finnish

Similar artists:  Machine Men, Winterborn, When The Empire Falls
black metal, avantgarde black metal, melodic black metal

Similar artists:  Nocte Obducta, Todtgelichter, Der Weg einer Freiheit
doom metal, funeral doom metal, funeral doom

Similar artists:  Evoken, Shape of Despair, Esoteric
Power metal, symphonic metal, metal opera

Similar artists:  Avantasia, Luca Turilli, Gamma Ray
symphonic metal, Gothic Metal, Female fronted metal

Similar artists:  Whyzdom, Visionatica, The Murder of My Sweet
shoegaze, black metal, post-rock

Similar artists:  Les Discrets, Amesoeurs, Lantlôs
Gothic Metal, folk, death metal

Similar artists:  Distorted, Enchained Souls, Morgue Son
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